Bach-Ponce: Prelude and Courante


PRELUDE. This is the Prelude to Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1, arranged for guitar by Manuel Ponce. For this edition, I rely on a manuscript from Christopher Parkening’s collection, which presents what can be assumed to be Ponce’s original arrangement and contains a series of notes added a posteriori (in pencil) that agree with the version recorded by Andrés Segovia. My publication, like Parkening’s recording, reproduces the first version.

COURANTE. This Courante, according to Miguel Alcázar, must have originally been part of the Suite in E minor Homage to Bach, which is among Ponce’s lost works. I have transposed it to D minor, and play it after the Prelude in D, accrediting the binomial to Bach-Ponce. After all, if Bach’s Prelude was risen a fifth (from G to D) to accommodate the guitar, I do not see why the Courante cannot be lowered by a single tone, to accompany the Prelude (Ponce himself did something similar with a prelude and gavotte for piano).

Advanced (4pp.)